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Social Media Vault Pro

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Access all your social network apps securely and conveniently with "Social Media Vault". With its password-protected interface, you don’t have to worry about others accessing your social networking accounts. In addition, the application has a host of secondary security features that keeps your social media apps hidden from others. In short, the app lets you access your all social networks within a secure interface.An application, where you find social media apps all in one interface. For all your social appsYou no longer have to re-enter your social network credentials with this application, you have the freedom to access all your social networking apps with one password, PIN or pattern.
Different Security locksSet up a Password,PIN or Pattern as your primary security credential.
Anti- HackTrack down unauthorized users who attempted to access your social networking accounts in your absence.
Panic SwitchFace down, flick or shake to switch to another application immediately – prevents shoulder surfing.
Hide App icon:Dynamically hides the app’s icon, prevents snoopers from discovering the app on your smartphone.
Private Browser:Socialize freely with the app’s built-in Private Browser and leave no traces of browsing behind.
List of all supported social networks
1. Facebook2. Twitter3. Instagram4. Youtube5. Linkedin6. Pinterest7. Yahoo answer8. Google+9. Reddit10. Tumblr11. Myspace12. Skype13. Vimeo14. Sound cloud15. Meetup16. Tagged17. Hi518. digg19. Baidu20. Path21. Meet me22. Dailymotion23. Amazon24. ebay25. Blogger26. Flickr27. Stumbleupon28. Wikipedia29. Scribd30. Quora31. LiveJournal32. Foursquare33. Ezine Articles
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